Tool for Making Informed Decisions to Aid Timely Management of Parkinson's Disease


MANAGE-PD is a collaborative research and development effort between AbbVie Inc. Medical Affairs and Health Care Economics Outcomes and Research, the Parkinson’s Foundation and an international panel of Movement Disorder Specialists. Each panelist was selected solely by AbbVie and has received financial support from AbbVie for research, honoraria and/or consulting services depending on the author. See Publications below for more information.

AbbVie and the Parkinson’s Foundation by written agreement collaborated to develop the idea for the MANAGE-PD tool and this site. AbbVie has compensated the Parkinson’s Foundation for its time and resources and the name and logo of the Parkinson’s Foundation are used with permission by AbbVie.


Financial support for the validation study was provided by AbbVie and AbbVie participated in the study design, research, data collection, analysis and interpretation of data, writing, reviewing and approving the abstract. All authors contributed to the development of the abstract and maintained control over the final content. A disclosure including financial relationship to AbbVie for each author is found in the abstract. All named authors meet the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) criteria for authorship for the abstract.

MANAGE-PD Development – MDS 2017

A. Antonini, P. Schmidt, P. Odin, L. Kleinman, A. Skalicky, K. Sail, Y. Jalundhwala, J. Zamudio, K. Onuk, T. Marshall, H. Fernandez. Development of a Clinician-reported Screening Tool to Identify Patients with Parkinson’s disease inadequately controlled on oral medications [abstract]. Mov Disord. 2017; 32 (suppl 2).

MANAGE-PD Validation – MDS 2019, IAPRD 2019, IAPRD 2020

A. Antonini, P. Odin, Y. Jalundhwala, P. Schmidt, A. Skalicky, L. Kleinman, J. Zamudio, K. Onuk, P. Kukreja, Y. Bao, F. Cubillos, H. Fernandez. Assessing the validity and reliability of MANAGE-PD tool to identify patients with Parkinson’s disease inadequately controlled on oral medications – Results from an international survey of general neurologists and movement disorder specialists [abstract]. Mov Disord. 2019; 34 (suppl 2).

Antonini A, Odin P, Jalundhwala YJ, Schmidt P, Skalicky AM, Kleinman L, Zamudio J, Onuk K, Kukreja P, Bao Y, Cubillos F, Fernandez HH. MANAGE-PD: A clinician-reported tool to identify patients with Parkinson’s disease inadequately controlled on oral medications – results from a vignette-based validation. Poster Presented at the XXIV World Congress on Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders. June 16-19, 2019. Montreal, Canada. OP-03-11.

Fernandez H, Odin P, Standaert D, Henriksen T, Cubillos F, Alobaidi A, Jalundhwala Y, Bao Y, Onuk K, Zamudio J, Kukreja P, Gillespie A, Massey L, Antonini A. Content Validity of MANAGE-PD tool: Real-world evidence from PD patients in G7 countries. Parkinsonism and Relat Disord. 2020; 79 (suppl 1):E46-E47.

MANAGE-PD Clinical Utility – MDS 2020

A. Antonini, P. Odin, A. Alobaidi, F. Cubillos, P. Schmidt, Y. Jalundhwala, K. Onuk, J. Zamudio, P. Kukreja, E. Jones, J. Wright, H. Fernandez. Demonstrating the clinical value of MANAGE-PD tool in assessing symptom control of Parkinson’s disease patients: Evidence from G7 countries [abstract]. Mov Disord. 2020; 35 (suppl 1).